Fried Chicken MPQ

126 đường Trần Nhật Duật, phường Tân Lợi, thành phố Buôn Ma Thuột, tỉnh Đắk Lắk


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Fried chicken MPQ has changed the whole style of restaurant to match the space for teen customers, in addition MPQ has updated some hot dishes at BMT over time.
• Fried chicken, chicken chip, fried shrimp: Always be a favorite dish for teenagers at MPQ with crispy fried bread crust, marinated with five spices served with chili sauce.
• Roasted chicken with cheese: Fried chicken is coated with crunchy powder mixed with a spicy chili sauce, served in a hot cast iron pan with the top layer of Mozzarella, served with crispy hot bread.
• Kimchi fried rice: Fried rice with spicy and spicy taste
Come to Fried Chicken MPQ to feel each new flavor of chicken.

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