Drai Dlông waterfall

xã Quảng Hiệp, huyện Cư M'gar, tỉnh Đắk Lắk
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Drai Dlong Waterfall is 35 km from Buon Ma Thuot city center, located in two communes Quang Hiep and Ea M'Drŏh, Cu M'gar district, Dak Lak province. Drai in Ede means waterfall; Dlong means high, so Drai Dlong means high waterfall. In addition, this landscape is also known as the Three-tiered waterfall.

Located in the southwest of Quang Hiep commune, formed by two surrounding hills with an average height of 500m above sea level, the flow of Drai Dlong waterfall originates from the flow of two streams Ea'Drǒh ( big stream) and Ea M'Drǎh stream (small stream), to the section near the waterfall about 01 km, they blend together, encountering large, vertical rocks with a height of 30m, blocking the flow, dividing the flow into three branches, stretching like three white silk ribbons from above.

Looking up from below, the waterfall is very tall, sparkling with silver, surrounded by lush green forests with tall trees to adapt to the vertical cliff topography, there are many rare trees like stars. , incense, eggplant, purple mausoleum, especially cactus growing on rocks.

About 01 km from Drai Dlong waterfall is M'Drŏh village (Chay village), this is the village of the Ede Adham people. During the years of resistance against the US, the M'Drŏh merchants, together with the Rung, Ung and Ea Win traders transported food for the resistance from A10-B3 station through Ea H'Leo, Krong Bong and down to Phu Yen. , Khanh Hoa. Buon M'Drǒh is the base village of H5, the people in the village have persistently struggled, organized patrols to guard, lead and nurture revolutionary cadres, set up traps, make traps, and manufacture rudimentary weapons. to protect the village. During the fierce war, the enemy organized sweeps, arrests, and brutal beatings, but the M'Drǒh traders from old, young, boys and girls would rather be beaten, starve, and not cooperate with them. the enemy, one heart followed the Party to the end. When the enemy discovered that this was a breeding facility for hiding revolutionary cadres, the whole M'Drǒh village was burned down without a single house, so it was also known as Buon Chay.

On December 15, 2004, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism ranked Drai Dlong Waterfall as a National Monument of Landscape.

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