Bay Branch waterfall tourist spot

xã Ea Huar, huyện Buôn Đôn, tỉnh Đắk Lắk



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Bay Branch Waterfall is a beautiful landscape, a great eco-tourism destination of Dak Lak province.

The Serepok river flows here to meet a large rocky rapids divided into 7 small rivers flowing through the rocks forming 6 islands between the tributaries, so it is called Bay Branch waterfall. Standing on high looking down, Bay Branch waterfall looks like a giant hand with seven fingers spread out in the middle of the white rapids, whose "wrist" is the head of the waterfall about 500m wide, the water flows smoothly all year round.
The widest place of the waterfall is about 2km. The first branch of the waterfall is covered by old groves, the second, third, and fourth waterfall branches about 25-30m from the "wrist" are large rapids, very suitable for tourists to take a bath or take souvenir photos. The fifth branch of the waterfall has a beautiful beach with pebbles and stones like a hotel in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). The sixth branch of the waterfall is six wide, beautiful sandy beaches and about 2 hectares of arable land where residents in the area grow industrial crops and fruit trees. Going to the seventh branch of the waterfall is the primeval forest managed by YokDon National Park with a variety of rare woods and animals.
Coming to Bay Branch, visitors will have a chance to stroll on a bamboo bridge wriggling through the interlaced old trees and roots, rest, drink can wine on wooden floors built on the branches and listen to the sound of waterfalls flowing. murmuring, clear, cool under my feet.
This is the ideal place for canoeing because the water is calm and clear, with beautiful beaches and houses with thatched roofs. In the afternoon, standing on one side and looking at the other side, I saw flocks of peacocks showing off their colorful feathers happily dancing with each other beautifully.
Coming to Bay Branch, visitors can not only enjoy the natural landscape of the ecological area here, but also continue to ride elephants to visit YokDon National Park to hear about the tradition of hunting and taming wild elephants. Cruise across the Serepok River, sleep in stilts, and exchange gong culture with the Mnong people. Coming here, visitors can also enjoy special dishes such as Lam rice, banana leaf rice, grilled chicken with pomelo leaves, yellow ants with broccoli, lentil soup cooked with Giang leaves. Visitors can also choose to buy some souvenirs for their loved ones such as brocade woven bags, wooden handicrafts, baskets of ethnic minorities...

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